Astrology is a very accurate, specific and revealing indicator of personality, events and timing.  I use both traditional and modern techniques in my practice. A study of your unique individual horoscope reveals  just how much of your own nature is recorded in this blueprint from the moment of birth.  I specialise in examining and comparing two or more individual charts using Synastry, literally meaning ‘stars together’ to explore interpersonal dynamics and how they change and develop over time.  There is a rhythm in all our interactions, it ebbs and flows, it peaks and troughs and it is during these times of turbulence and change, we need to understand the process to weather the storms rather than giving up on people, situations and challenges. Studying the astrology explains the essence of the change, its purpose, its outcome and its lesson.

I am available for in-person and telephone consultations. I am based in Pulborough, West Sussex.

Prices & Services


£45 – 1 hour consultation

Gift Vouchers

Ideal for a  Birthday Reading, Christmas gift for  a Year Ahead Overview or when a friend just needs to talk.

£45 – 1 hour consultation
£25 – 30 minutes

Electing a Date

This service provides the most auspicious date for an upcoming event such as a wedding or celebration. It includes a 30 minute consultation